Muhammad Baddour


My ideal client is someone who is willing to work and test their limits, but also understands that exercise is a process that takes time to potentiate what the body is truly capable of. That person also has to have an appreciation for constantly fine tuning movement, and learning that the process of refining over time truly builds up the strength, resiliency, movement quality, and the longevity they are looking for. 


They also understand it’s not just about exercise, but about optimizing their lifestyle; realizing that everything in the body plays a pivotal role and serves as a catalyst elsewhere for the betterment of their health and longevity. 


It’s also about having a great time and building long lasting memories with each other neither one of us will forget. It’s about learning each others hopes and dreams, reaching milestones, and of course, building an unbreakable bond while reaching previously uncharted territory. 


Seeing this play out in real time is a true gift as a personal trainer. Witnessing a client build resiliency, a new found level of confidence, and unprecedented level of grit is truly remarkable. 


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