About US

The Strength Builders was created by Nate Miller at the height of covid.  His clients were concerned about Covid transmission at the big box gym they had trained at for years.  From the humble beginings of a few kettlebells a couple barbells and a selectrise cable machine in a garage of a good friend, The Strength Builders would not exist without the dedication of those initial clients.  It seemed as though new equipment was steadily being delivered as it became available on the market as the global supply chain was steadily opening.  After 9 months of growth in that garage an opportunity to expand and move into commercial space became available. 


Nate Miller then aspired to create a space that would allow other high quality trainers to cut their ties with big box gyms and gain their independence.  Trainers that train out of The Strength Builders are dedicated to their craft and are able to decide how much they make per hour.  Trainers are only charged for the time they train out of The Strength Builders.  This allows trainers to scale their business without long term committments to rent or other fixed costs.  The Strength Builders methodically added additional indepentant trainers with an emphasis on quality.  We strive to have impacts in our client's lives through improving their health, by coaching positive daily habits, customizing their training plans, improving their health through diet and supplementation.  

Located just minutes from South West Austin and Dripping Spring Neighborhoods of Circle C, Avana, Western Oak, Meridian, Bear Creek, Reunion Ranch, Belterra, High Pointe, Parten Ranch, Sky Ridge, Rimrock and Ledgeston